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Jack of all trades. Why settle for one?


Collaborating or working solo, I aim to produce user experiences that are clear, emotive, on-brand, and gratifying. I'm primarily a visual designer/art director with budding interaction design skills. A pro-am photographer, I'm skilled at 'curating and art directing' the environment or people to deliver compelling imagery.

Client/ partner list

Devoted design services to:
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, Starbucks, Amazon, SONY, Hewlett Packard, Stephen Colbert, Oprah Winfrey, Starbright Foundation, Harper Collins, Chase, Yahoo, Craig Newmark, MGM, Credit Suisse, Target, Warby Parker, Chevron, David Bowie, KISS.


Design 100%
UX/UI 90%
Branding 100%
Writing 75%

Trained as an architect (UC Berkeley). Embraced multi-media early on for the varied nature of the projects. Versatility remains a dominant trait in my 'design personality'. Recently worked as 'art dept. of one' at major non-profit - DonorsChoose.org. Comfortable lending design direction for range of campaigns - multi-million dollar grant allocation, disaster relief, targeted resources. UX, print, animation, video, environmental design. A published writer, I enjoy generating narrative copy that enhances the visional experience. I have sold art for green money and have exhibited in small galleries and on refrigerators. And for a few glorious months, I worked as a pvt. detective.

"He makes the creative process feel effortless, when it's anything but that."

Alan McGee, Co-founder & CMO of Sharewave.com

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