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Jack of all trades. Why settle for one? All design disciplines inform one another, so I find traversing across borders to be a very healthy practice and something I indulge in often.


Collaborating, working solo, or managing teams, I deliver design that is clear, emotive, on-brand, and gratifying. I'm primarily a visual designer/art director with budding interaction design skills. A pro-am photographer, I'm skilled at 'curating' the environment or people to tease out the potentials within. I have worked in CA, NY, and Paris, France.

Client/ partner list

Devoted design services to:
Google, Starbucks, Amazon, SONY, Hewlett Packard, Stephen Colbert, Oprah Winfrey, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Starbright Foundation, HBO, BBDO, Chase, Yahoo, Craig Newmark, Credit Suisse, Target, Warby Parker, Chevron, David Bowie, KISS.


Design 100%
UX/UI 90%
Branding 100%
Writing 80%

Trained as an architect (UC Berkeley). Embraced digital design/communication early on for the varied nature of the projects. Versatility remains the dominant trait of my 'design personality'. Recently worked as 'art dept. of one' at major non-profit - DonorsChoose.org. Comfortable lending design direction for range of campaigns - multi-million dollar grant allocation, disaster relief, targeted resources. UX, print, animation, video, environmental design. A published writer, I enjoy generating narrative copy that enhances the visional experience. I have sold art for green money and have exhibited in small galleries and was granted my first artist in residency last year. And for a few months, I worked as a pvt. detective and actually had to ask: "Have you seen this man before?"

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"He makes the creative process feel effortless, when it's anything but that."

Alan McGee, Co-founder & CMO of Sharewave.com

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